What Is a Satanic Ritual?

Any ceremonial or symbolic act that a Satanist performs principally or primarily for emotional or psychological stimulation could be called a Satanic ritual.

Almost all religions employ ritual of some kind. In fact, most non-religious people have rituals of their own, whether they realize it or not.

“Rituals appear to benefit even people who claim not to believe that rituals work,” Scientific American points out–not because they’re magical but because it seems to be part of human nature to get gratification from such exercises.

For hundreds of years, myths and rumors of sinister Satanic rituals allegedly happening at the fringes of society endured. Historically, any sufficiently infamous out group might be accused of conducting secret Satanic ceremonies, and any religious, social, or political gathering deemed suspect could be accused of being a Satanic ritual.

Not every Satanist wants to bother with ritual, and that’s an individual choice. But our experience is that people’s religious lives are greatly enhanced by such exercises, particularly in group settings.

General Guidelines


  • Atmosphere and aesthetics: Hollywood and popular culture are rife with images of Satanic cultists in darkened chapel-like spaces, waving torches and black candles while covered in sinister black hooded robes. And indeed, a lot of actual Satanic ritual may look an awful lot like this. But ritual practice is personal, and any sort of imagery or atmosphere is appropriate for a Satanic ritual if the Satanist deems it so.
  • Consent is Satanic: In theory, almost anything can go in a ritual setting, but make sure everyone involved knows what they’re getting into. Participants and observers alike should know roughly what to expect. Giving everyone the power to opt in of their own accord with informed choices creates a more empowering experience.
  • But what about…? Some people are surprised by what they DON’T find in our rituals: bloodletting, ceremonial nudity, real or simulated sex, or other elements people say they expect from a blasphemous Satanic ritual for one reason or another. The thing is, ritual is a personal creative act. The content in these rituals reflects the desires and goals of the authors. If your desires and goals are radically (even deviantly) different, then express those however you see fit, so long as all participants are consenting adults.