The end-of-the-year holidays are a complicated time for a Satanist.

Statistically, most American Satanists grew up in Christian or secular-but-culturally-Christian households, meaning that Christmas was the biggest holiday of the year. Some Satanists even continue to celebrate Christmas — just without all those Jesus-y parts. After all, Christmas is now arguably a secular holiday in the United States; our concept of Santa is more Coca-Cola these days than Saint Nicholas.

Others point to the holiday’s pagan roots and choose to honor those instead (a decorated and lit-up fir tree basically has nothing to do with the baby Jesus). Still other Satanists have adopted holidays like Sol Invictus, a Roman holiday seeing an increased interest due to its inclusion on The Satanic Temple’s calendar of holidays. There’s always also Krampusnacht, honoring a “Christmas devil” originating from Central Europe. And of course there are Satanists who choose not to observe anything at all.

No matter what you choose to celebrate (or not), most of us still like to give and receive gifts. It doesn’t take much persuading to get us to indulge in earthly delights, especially after a year as difficult as 2020. So, here are some ideas for gifts that any Satanist would be delighted to receive — or gift to themselves.

1. Black Mass Appeal’s Satanic Kitty and Demon University wearables

The Black Mass Appeal podcast is the work of members of Satanic Bay Area. To go along with the nearly 90 episodes (so far) of Satanic knowledge, news, and pop culture, the show offers a few fun wearables, including logo tees and shirts with an indifferent-but-cute cat and a collegiate sweatshirt from the different schools of Demon U.

2. Hexennacht Scents’ incense and perfume

Hexennacht Scents offer an eye-popping selection of fragrances that you can purchase as different formulas of perfume, oil, and incense. Out of the many Satanic and horror-themed scents, Simone recommends the “Amityville” incense, and Tabitha loves the “Black Phillip” perfume.

3. Black Petunia Crafts’ unholy rosaries

These handmade unholy rosaries are as beautiful as they are blasphemous. Choose from pre-made pieces with a variety of beads and charms, or order something custom.

4. Ashema Deva’s Satanic gift wrap

Hailing from Colorado, Ashema Deva’s bold graphics are a fresh, modern take on Satanic design. There are wearables, stickers, pins, and prints, but most eye-catching is the Satanic symbol wrapping paper.

5. The Infernal Farmhouse’s ornaments and home decor

Declare your love for cottagecore and hardcore with The Infernal Farmhouse’s charming ornaments and home decor. Decorate your tree (or whatever you like) with natural slices of wood painted with adorable phrases like “Let it Burn” and “Hail Satan.”

6. Light Witch’s beautiful photo prints

Courtney Brooke’s photo prints are dreamy depictions of the occult. Her sumptuous colors wrap the photos’ subjects in a haze of mystery and magic.

7. Arcana Obscura jewelry

Brooklyn-based Arcana Obscura uses high-quality precious metals to render jewelry that’s sometimes creepy, sometimes dangerous, and always beautiful.

8. Super 7’s demonic toys

Relive your Saturday mornings as a kid with Super 7’s action figures — only this time around, your action figures are inspired by the most metal of music icons, with toys based on the bands Ghost, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Venom, and more.

9. Gothic Lamb’s wearables

The online home to “melanated misfits,” Gothic Lamb’s clothes feature bold, inclusive graphics every goth will love. Be sure to check out the “Black Lives Matter” line, with proceeds going BLM-supporting charities.

10. Cnmuerte’s wearables

Cnmuerte’s clothes are colorful, cartoony, and Satanic as hell. There are fun seasonal collections (you can still catch some Halloween designs, because Halloween is every day, right?) as well as powerful wearables that let you proudly declare you’re a Satanist against injustice and racism.

11. Arteak art prints and wearables

Think Lisa Frank if she were creating her colorful designs from the 9th Circle of Hell. Arteak’s pretty pastels belie her subjects’s fierce demonic nature — you can’t help but do a double take when you see the cutest pink Baphomet adorned in bows.

12. El Gato Gomez art prints

El Gato Gomez’s artwork started out in a mid-century and tiki-inspired space, but more recently she’s turned her talents to something more Satanic. If you want to see Mad Men-era beauties cavorting with the devil, look no further.

13. Serpent’s Kiss cauldron

The Serpent’s Kiss is an occult and magick store located in Santa Cruz, California. They can fulfill all your candle, incense, and crystal needs, but their cast iron cauldrons are essential for your rituals. (Maybe get a small one for at-home rituals, and a big one for when group gatherings are possible?)

14. The Hood Witch crystals

The Hood Witch’s shop has an ever-changing selection of beautiful crystals for decor or ritual purposes, including this mesmerizing obsidian scrying mirror. Be sure to check out her blog for astrological insights while you’re there!

15. Friojane Studio candles and toys

Cute? Creepy? Why not both? Friojane Studio’s creations include intricate candles and plush “altar totems” of creatures like Baphomet and Cthulhu that look like more demonic denizens of Labyrinth.

16. Twin Temple music, wearables, and altar pieces

Every Satanist’s favorite demonic doo-wop duo, Twin Temple, has more than just great tunes in their shop. (But definitely check out the music, of course!) Their online shop has their iconic blood-splattered goat-headed nude figure emblazoned on tees, plus beautiful ritual tools and altar pieces. If you miss seeing their live shows, now you can bring the experience home!

17. Jason Lenox art prints

Jason Lenox is well-known in the Satan-sphere for his light-soaked depictions of dark stained glass designs. Along with the stained glass, Lenox’s work also features badass-but-cute demonic pets like corgis and kittens with brimstone in their eyes, and demons from different mythoses and pop culture properties.

18. Loved to Death home decor

Loved to Death is a Haight Street favorite that recently made the difficult decision to move their store online-only. Fortunately, you can still explore their collections of taxidermy, memento mori jewelry, and macabre home decor on their website.

19. Paxton Gate taxidermy, bones, and horns

Paxton Gate is another oddities shop beloved by San Franciscans. Their shop focuses on the natural wonders of the world, including bones, articulated skeletons, and taxidermy. During normal times, Paxton Gate also offers workshops where you can learn to stuff and mount your own creatures; definitely something to look forward to when available again!

20. Graceless Goathead wearables

Steph, the designer of Graceless Goathead’s gorgeous wearables, started her store because she said she wanted “some Satanic shirts I could wear to work with out being ‘too Satanic'” — and we know exactly what she means. These beautiful bouquets hide subtle pentagrams and sigils so you can live your best Satanic life even when running to the store.

21. Sofia Zakia tarot jewelry

Montreal’s Sofia Ajram has a gift for making breathtakingly beautiful jewelry. Of her many intricate pieces, the most noticeable to the Satanic eye are her tarot card pendant necklaces. Plenty of Satanists enjoy a good deck, but Sofia also offers cards inspired by modern films like The Witch and Hereditary. The combination of Black Phillip, Paimon, and tarot are too perfect not to let yourself indulge.

22. Firebird Leather demon horns

If you’ve attended any Satanic event, you’re bound to find Satanists comparing horns. These pieces by Firebird Leather will stand out among the Black Mass crowd, with different animal inspirations and detailed leather work.

23. The Witchy Stitcher cross stitch designs and kits

If you’re into the dark arts — and crafts — The Witchy Stitcher’s cross stitch patterns and complete kits are a must. These ain’t your grandma’s needlework samplers… unless your grandma was a badass.

24. Maryann Held art prints

Artist Maryann Held’s pieces come off as folksy (some even include ornate frames!) but a closer look reveals their darker side. Held’s done several pieces based on Satanfam’s favorite goat, Black Phillip, as well as other animals — in the flesh and in skeleton form.

25. Deviled egg tray from Amazon

Satanists are generally pretty chill, but if there’s something we take seriously, it’s our food. Live deliciously, right? In that vein, we have some pretty strong views on deviled eggs. We love ’em so much your Black Mass Appeal hosts were interviewed by Mel Magazine about ’em. If you want to display your eggs with pride, this devilish dish is the perfect serving tray.

26. Creepy Co. wearables and home decor

Creepy Co. gets major points for turning a common pun into reality with its Bapho-Mat rug. Thankfully, you can place it anywhere, not just next to the tub. Creepy Co. also offers pins, stickers, and wearables, including some button-up shirts that’ll make you look polished and professional… that is, until someone leans in and sees you’re covered in little devils.

27. Middle of Beyond wearables and ornaments

Middle of Beyond has a great selection of very high-quality woven wear. Their holiday “ugly sweaters” get really ugly (in the good way) with motifs from horror movies and the occult. (Middle of Beyond is also where Simone got her beloved Overlook Hotel rug.) You can also trim your tree with detailed blown glass ornaments of Baphomet and Krampus.

28. Funko Pop figures (via Amazon)

Collect Funko Pop figures that represent some of your favorite pop culture devils and demons. Black Phillip from The Witch and the Devil from the Cuphead video game are just cute enough to not weird out your coworkers if you have them on your desk at the office.

29. Pintrill’s Devil Cherub pin

You’ve seen the tiny gold “guardian angel” pins. Now you can have your own little devil to lead you into temptation with Pintrill’s tiny cherub devil lapel pin. Remember to listen closely whenever you need advice!

30. Strike Gently Co. pins and throw blanket

Strike Gently Co. has an enormous collection of finely-detailed enamel pins you can’t find anywhere else, and many live in the world of the macabre and demonic. To top it off, Strike Gently Co. also offers a throw blanket depicting Goya’s famous “Witches’ Sabbath” painting.

31. Bee’s Knees Leather hand-tooled leather goods

Finally, we have a last-minute entry to our gift guide from Bee’s Knees Leather! The good folks at Bee’s Knees Leather introduced themselves to Black Mass Appeal by sending a selection of Luciferian leather goods, including the Sigil of Baphomet hair slide seen above. They also sell valet trays, ornaments, keychains, belt buckles — definitely enough variety for whoever you’re gifting this season.