Book: The Little Book of Satanism

“Wherever there was conflict, those in power could blame demons.”

Reader Guide 

For decades, those curious about Modern Satanism were left hung out to dry by the publishing industry: Books about the S-word were either dense academic tomes–valuable, but often intimidating for newbies–or amateurish harangues by Satanist writers convinced of their own importance sans merit. Nowhere was there a comprehensive guidebook to give the lay of the land.

La Carmina’s Little Book of Satanism solves the problem with an incisive tour of devilry, from the witch-hunting weirdos of the past to modern media moguls of the present. It’s a fast, sharp, and smart read that bundles up a lot of previously obscure history.

If there’s anything to be critical of, it’s the fact that as a little book of Satanism it has to cram a lot into just a few pages and leaves some things a bit opaque still, and personally we tend to emphasize a more critical view of certain longstanding Satanist religions–but you can’t have it all.