What’s a bigger danger to kids: pedophiles, or the devil? It shouldn’t be a difficult question, but some apparently disagree.

Friar Dwight Longenecker is an apostate Anglican turned Catholic writer. He writes that Nazi war criminals can get into heaven, and also that “nice people who never do anything bad” go to hell. A great mind at work.

In August he wrote another editorial titled “Don’t Exaggerate Threat From Satanism.” The Satanic Temple’s prominence in the news makes some fundamentalists freak out. The friar is here to give them the real deal about Satanists.

His verdict? We’re ugly. We smell bad. We’re “sad losers.” Highbrow stuff.


catholic church pedophile priest satan

“I am rubber. Therefore, you are glue.”

The friar has yet another swine to cast on our pearls. Satanists, he explain, are child molesters. “Anybody concerned about children should look closely at Satanists’ intentions.”

His evidence for this? First,  “a witch” he knew who used to hit on teenage girls. Second, that TST’s Baphomet statue features two children. That’s it.

The kids are there, of course, because Baphomet represents knowledge. Longenecker’s assumptions are more disturbing than the statue itself. “Shame on him who thinks evil of it” and all that.

And have you noticed? Longenecker whispers about pedophilia, but he’s a CATHOLIC BLOODY PRIEST.

Thirty years ago, cops and psychologists wasted many hours chasing imaginary child molesting devil cults. All the while, the Vatican operated a real shadow network of pederasty and criminality.

The Vatican itself now confesses to defrocking 848 pedophile priests for 3,400 crimes against children. And how many pedophile priests slipped through the cracks? God only knows…


catholic church pedophile priest satan

“A glass house seems like a bad investment, since you like throwing so many stones…”


Does Longenecker care about pedophile priests? Maybe he thinks so. But when he writes about the issue it’s to say things like to “beware false accusations” because “people smell money.” 

Also, he calls cover-ups “a different cultural context.” Finally, he argues that “the number of offenses” matters. Because “one lapse is not of the same seriousness.”

Come on, guys, where’s your compassion for the casual, occasional child molester?

We don’t need to shame the friar. His words are shame enough. Our point: Cops, courts, doctors, and priests could do a lot to protect kids. But it seems like many still believe bothering the devil matters more. And that’s not okay.

(Note: Unable to help myself, I mailed a version of this blog to Longenecker’s office.)


catholic church pedophile priest satan

This maybe looks a touch unwholesome, but let’s not jump to conclusions.