Should Satanism be in schools? (See: After School Satan Clubs.) I’m on the fence. Mixing Satan and childhood is at best a bit uncomfortable.

But I will say this: We could hardly fuck kids up worse than the fundies are doing.

Case in point, last week Kaylee Moser, a Silicon Valley software engineer, wrote a blog about the abstinence-laden sex ed her fundy school fed her. It’s chilling stuff: purity oaths, casual misogyny, slut shaming for 12 year olds, etc.

Once she was an adult, Moser decided to resign her soul to hell by losing her virginity anyway. (Odd that people keep doing that, isn’t it?) So did those abstinence classes do anything at all? Well, Moser says they made her feel “dirty and unworthy” and paved the way for sexual assault.

Glad that valuable classroom time was well spent…


satanic sex ed

Yes, teen virgins, it’s either total abstinence or this. There’s no middle ground at all. Would I lie to you?

Public schools aren’t much better. Only 24 states mandate sex ed. Only 18 of those require education about birth control. Nineteen “require instruction on engaging in sex only within marriage.” And four demand that “only negative information be provided” about sexual orientation.

(Atlanta-based reporter Raisa Habersham notes that sex-negative sex ed is particularly bad for young black girls. Because where else was America going to hand the short end of a lousy stick?)

No bones about it, this is a religious agenda. After thousands of years, fundies still can’t get us all to stop having sex. Their frustration on this point breeds stupidity for them and problems for everyone else.


Satanic sex ed

Contrary to what some people will tell you, raining fire on Sodom is not a good alternative to condoms.

Religious nuts hate sex because it’s a material experience that might distract us from prayer for a few minutes. Church fathers resented women for “making” them feel lust, and shamed them accordingly. Not happy just declaring it a sin to be born, they shame the conception too.

So what SHOULD kids be learning in sex ed? Well, I’m not cut out to set a curriculum. But surely any normal person wants young people to at least know that sex is normal, should be enjoyable, and is something you have to take care to do safely and consensually.

That’s a Satanic sex ed perspective, anyway. Also a sex-positive one, and a feminist one, and just a responsible one. Once again, half the battle of being a Satanist is just not being fucking nuts.


Satanic sex ed

“I know what you’re thinking, but I’m really just here to have a conversation about consent.”