Be warned, this one gets upsetting fast.

Remember back in January, when the state of Texas proposed a law requiring mass graves for aborted fetuses? Of course you do, who could forget? Back then, I declared fetal mass graves scarier than Satan, and I stand by that.

Now, I don’t want to keep writing about mass graves. On the list of things I never want to do, writing about mass graves runs neck and neck with digging one. But the world will not seem to cut me even this minor break.

This month we get the story of a nunnery in Tuam, Ireland (happy St. Patrick’s Day…) that turned out to hide 17 underground chambers filled with dead children.

Fifty years ago the building was an asylum for unmarried pregnant women. Such was the social horror at premarital sex that offenders had to disappear for a while.


mass baby grave nuns tuam ireland satan satanism san francisco

Just leave the bottle. We’re gonna need it.

The local historian who spent years picking apart the cover-up explained in the Washington Post:

“To get pregnant out of marriage was the worst thing on Earth. It was the worst crime a woman could commit, even though a lot of the time it had been because of a rape.”

So the mothers came to stay with the nuns for a bit and then left the kids behind in an orphanage of sorts. And when kids died from neglect and malnutrition the nuns put the bodies in the old Victorian sewer beneath the building.

And there they stayed.

A mass baby grave is the sort of thing the average person is likely to blame on Satanists. It fits the popular image.

But mass graves never come up when I write about Satanism. Only mainstream religions appear to lead to mass graves. I’m not even saying that judgmentally, it’s just a statement of fact.


mass baby grave nuns tuam ireland satan satanism san francisco

This. This is how angry I am right now.

But why on earth DID Tuam nuns hide all those bodies? The same historian told the Daily Beast that they gave regular burials to a few of the kids.  Why some and not the rest?

“They obviously made the distinction between orphans and so-called illegitimate children. And that really […] made my blood boil.”

You’ll notice this is a religious distinction: If a priest pre-approved the sex that conceived a kid, the nuns treated the kid like a person. If not, they treated the kids like waste.

Now me, I’m a Satanist. I say sex is normal, single motherhood is never shameful, and nobody really needs a priest’s approval for anything.

But it seems some other religions just can’t stop hating what women do with their uteri. And then we keep getting mass graves.

Someone could accuse me of making a lot out of an anecdotal example here, so yeah, let’s give credit where it’s due. As far as anyone knows, out of all of the woman-hating, sex-negative, child abusing convents in the world, only the one in Tuam covered up a mass grave for 90 years.

Way to go.


mass baby grave nuns tuam ireland satan satanism san francisco

Whatever your excuse is, lady, I just plain don’t want to hear it.