You don’t need anybody’s approval to take a knee during the national anthem. That’s the whole point.

All week long, chatter about protesting NFL players brought up “the troops.” Or the flag. Or even, Ba’al help us, the “Founding Fathers.” (Kill me.)

But nobody actually has to worry about these things when taking a knee. Because it’s your knee. (You, hypothetical Satanist athlete reading this blog…) You can stand or kneel for “the troops.” You can stand or kneel for the love chicken and stars soup. They’re your potential grass stains either way.

And some people will hate you all the same either way. A story as old as timeor at least Genesis 3.


NFL take a knee Satan

The original Revolutionary War hero.

Mind you, this is not a free speech argument. Sure, athletes have the same legal right to protest as we all do. But that’s just saying that they’re not committing a crime by demonstrating. It’s a low bar to clear.

The important thing isn’t that they have a legal right. The important thing is that they are right.

This all started, of course, because of Colin Kaepernick, also-ran ex-49ers quarterback previously noted mostly for, well, running.

Kaepernick took to kneeling (rather than sitting) during the national anthem to protest police violence. Because black lives matter, in case you haven’t heard.

And where did he get the idea? According to Snopes, from an Army veteran. CBS Sports reported in September that Nate Boyer, a Green Beret, convinced Kaep to take a knee instead of a seat, saying:

“We came to a middle ground where he would take a knee alongside his teammate. Soldiers take a knee in front of a fallen brother’s grave to show respect.”

And 49ers player Eric Reid wrote in the New York Times that same week, “We chose to kneel because it’s a respectful gesture. Our posture was like a flag flown at half-mast to mark a tragedy.”

Reid, incidentally, says he got the mandate to protest from James 2:17. (“Faith without works is dead,” a statement I find incredibly pompous but still agree with. Which is annoying as fuck.)

Yes, these athletes credited a Green Beret, the Bible, AND the American flag as inspiration. Other than giving a blowjob to the Washington Memorial, that’s maximum patriotism.

And it didn’t matter. People called them traitors anyway. No less a high-living lowlife as alleged US President Donald Trump declared NFL players who take a knee “sons of bitches.”

This just inspired entire teams to do it, of course. Making this technically the Trump regime’s most effective policy initiative to date.


NFL take a knee Satan

Not counting whatever the hell this was.

Some people wield veteran endorsements to try and shield kneeling athletes from criticism. The Washington Post quoted a 97-year-old World War II vet saying, “Those kids have every right to protest.”

Sports Illustrated cited a black Iraq vet’s statement, “I don’t feel disrespected.”

An airman even wrote on Patheos that he felt “deeply honored” by the kneeling gesture.

(By the way, notice how little of this talks about police violence, the entire point of the protests? Funny that…)

It’s good that these people are supportive. But it also doesn’t matter. First, because as we’ve already seen, the mob doesn’t care if a soldier speaks up for you.

This is a bit similar to how the past I’ve argued that there’s little practical downside to being a left-wing Satanist, since fundamentalists see all liberals as Satanists anyway. Maximum hostility breeds a kind of invincibility, it’s weird.

Most of these NFL players are young, politically motivated black Americans with a national stage. To America’s Trump rump, that’s even scarier than Satan. 

The 49ers and the Raiders et al can cite supportive veterans if it’s important to them. That’s fine. But it’ll never please the unpleasable. 

More importantly, it doesn’t matter, because nobody needs permission to protest. Not from World War II vets. Not from the Bible. Certainly not from their bosses. Protest is just what Americans do.

Citing these alleged authorities gives the impression that the athletes are not authority enough. But they are. We all are.

NFL players are giving America a fine Satanic example: speak your mind; don’t wait on permission; only compromise when YOU want to.

And be right.


NFL take a knee Satan

Pictured; Bringing forth on this continent a new nation.