I’ll warn you up front, this week’s blog talks about suicide. If you’re feeling suicidal yourself, stop reading this and call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-8255.

I don’t like talking about this topic, but it’s in the newsalthough in truth, the death of Lilia Botuseva isn’t getting all that much attention, which is probably for the best. She and her boyfriend apparently killed themselves in an Airbnb in Greece, on or around New Year’s Eve.

The catch is that cops in Kefalonia say they suspect the pair committed suicide as part of a “Satanic ritual.” Because that’s a thing cops like to say sometimes. Fills in the awkward pauses, I guess.

This is also the part where I warn you that today’s blog will feature far less humor and glib irreverence than usual. Because, fuck, you know?


Lilia Botuseva suicide satan

Even I’ve got limits.

Botuseva was 23 years old and from Bulgaria. Her brother’s Facebook page says she disappeared more than six months ago. And that’s about all I can say about her for sure. Everything else people say seems to be speculation at best…

The New York Post (continuing its mandate to always be the single worst thing about New York) writes:

“Knives, candles and a pentagram symbol — used by devil-worshippers [sic] — were found near the bodies. The 24 hours before the first full moon of the year is said to be associated with Satanic practices.”

Notice the vagaries here: “Is said to be?” By whom, exactly? Speculation is one thing, but keep your fucking passive sentences out of this please.

Over on InfoWars, the batshit brigade did what they do best: snort a line of primo, high-grade speculation and let it all hang out:

“Sounds like the EU bankers are making use their ‘make it look like suicide’ MO,” one chimes in. By Jove, Poirot, you’ve cracked the case.

“The property is pretty much guarenteed [sic] to be possessed by demons now,” another says. Oh do fucking tell?

“These dipshites [sic] can put energy into killing themselves but nothing into protecting Europe from invading Muslims?” moans a third. So I guess he’s the real victim here, is what he’s saying? If only that were literally true…

Putting the assholes aside, in my experience some folks will want to argue that these two were not actually Satanists. Indeed, as an indignant Metro commenter points out, knives, candles, and pentagrams are common in witchcraft and paganism and plenty of other practices.

(They’re also all things I bring to a romantic candlelight dinner, incidentally.)


Lilia Botuseva suicide satan

Even so, I won’t make this argument. First because I didn’t know these people. I’m not going to try to guess their religious beliefs based on Facebook photos and a crime scene.

More importantly, it doesn’t much matter. Because sooner or later, some actual Satanists will be in the news for suicide, or for violent crime, or for embezzling, or for chucking Baphomet throwing stars at the president’s motorcade. …or whatever.

Something bad will eventually come up. Because Satanists are just people, and sometimes people are unhealthy. It’s awful; but it’s not unexpected.

It should go without saying that Satan doesn’t kill anyone. Psychology Today says that the most common causes of suicide are precisely what you’d expect: depression and psychosis.

If anyone asked my views on suicide as a Satanist, I’d point out that this is probably the only life we have. I don’t expect any hereafter or reincarnation or eternal punishment/reward after death. Carnal, material living now is likely the whole show.

And like Alcestis’ father told him, “We are a long time underground, and life is shortbut sweet.” I want life to last. I would hope everyone does.

But mental illness isn’t something we can cure with nice words and skepticism. So my opinions have fuck all to do with the problem.

Since mental illness makes people uncomfortable, we blamed it on demons for a long time. Some people still do, it seems. Call me crazy (um, pardon the term…), but I don’t think that helps anyone either.

What does? I’m probably not qualified to say. But if I had to, I’d hazard there’s one thing we can all try:

“One should strive to act with compassion and empathy towards all creatures in accordance with reason.”

It’s not much. But I have heard worse ideas.


Lilia Botuseva suicide satan