Satanic Bay Area merchNow you can let your Satanic flag fly… even though it’s actually a tee, not a flag. Or a tank. Or a hoodie! Display your support for your local Satanists with new Satanic Bay Area merch! We’ve set up a storefront with TeeSpring, a print-on-demand service that will fulfill your order and ship it straight to you. Profits from sales go to fund our end-of-the-year activities, so if you’re planning on buying Satanic Bay Area apparel and accessories, please do so soon!


We can’t wait to see you in your SBA gear – no, seriously, we can’t wait because TeeSpring is print-on-demand, meaning we will not see the product before it is shipped to you. We’re taking a little gamble here, but are trusting TeeSpring’s good reputation when it comes to quality. Still, please let us know your feedback on merch availability and quality once you receive it! We’ve had requests for zip-up hoodies as opposed to pullovers, but for now TeeSpring does not offer them, and we are working to source a separate vendor. Stay tuned! (Chick tracts, stickers, pins, and original gray BMA shirts are still available at our Black Mass Appeal store.)

(Please note that when making your purchase, you have to click “Buy It Now” and then select your size and quantity.)