They say there’s no place like home for the holidays, but where does that leave those without a home–or a homeland?

With these burning questions in mind, in the weeks leading up to Christmas (or Anti-Christ(mas)), Satanic Bay Area and Black Mass Appeal initiated our “Satan’s Little Helpers” supply drive for the La Casa de Paseo refugee shelter in Tijuana, Mexico.

At shelters like these, refugee families spent weeks or months waiting for potential entry into the US. Often these delays are illegal, but such distinctions seem to have little meaning in these circles. This leaves the children, many of them toddlers, with essentially nothing to do day after day.

Shelter staff provide kids with basic art supplies to not only fill the hours but also improve the shelter aesthetic. However, through one of our Bay Area Satanists who often volunteers with groups delivering relief supplies to border communities, we learned that those supplies are increasingly in short order.

“Satan’s Little Helpers” asked the public to donate materials like crayons, coloring books, paper, and tape via our Amazon wishlist, so that volunteers could bring them as gifts for young children at La Casa de Paseo for Christmas.

On top of the humanitarian element, few things appeal to the Satanic mindset more directly than bringing art and the power of self-expression to children.

Satanic Bay Area was just one of many groups collecting supplies for this shelter, and the shelter has no relationship with or communication with our organization. Be that as it may, the results delighted us, and the San Diego Tribune reported that the gifts, while modest, provided welcome cheer for families still waiting to be processed.


Wendy Fry