It’s time: The holidays are over and the Year Is One, so join us for our last Black Mass of 2021/first of 2022 (calendars are a conspiracy the Pope, so we don’t really pay much attention to them).

Where: Oakland, Black Thorn; if you’ve joined us there before, we’re in the rear space this time. If you haven’t, call or text 415 573 8979 for details and directions.

When: January 2. Doors open at 6 PM, Black Mass is scheduled for 7 PM, and we’ve got a really great one lined up this time, so don’t be late.

If you ARE running behind, call or text 415 573 8979 to let us know. We might hold up for you…or we might not, it depends on too many things to be sure. But we’ve gotta have a heads up.
What: After Black Mass we’ll eat, drink, be merry(ish)–whatever thou wilt. Potluck signup coming.

Who: If you’ve been here before then we’d love to see you again; if we’ve never met, this will make a great first time for you. If you have any questions or concerns, message us ahead of time and we’ll reveal all.

Disclaimer: Be vaccinated before attending, and in fact we highly recommend getting a booster shot going into the winter season as well. A test before attending is not a bad idea either. If you are joining us for the first time, we will be checking vaccination status at the door.

If you have a legitimate medical reason why you cannot be vaccinated, feel free to message us to talk it out. Otherwise, no bullshit; but of course, look who we’re talking to, you all know better already.

Anti-Christ(mas) 2019