As your Unholy But Wholesome Bay Area Satanists move ahead into 2019, we want to take one last chance to catch everyone up on the highlight of our 2018 year – our smash hit Anti Christ(mas) post-holiday heresy, which was our biggest and most successful public event yet.

Held at PianoFight in downtown San Francisco on December 27, Anti Christ(mas) was part variety show, part film premiere, and part religious service, as we harrowed the holiday season and prepared for a blasphemous New Year.

If you couldn’t make it – well we’re not going to lie you missed a hell of a party, but here’s a few highlights to help get you motivated for next time:

  • SBA came THIS close to a sellout house at PianoFight, with the audience of nearly four dozen about evenly split between old friends and new faces. That makes it most likely our biggest and best-attended event of all time; I say “most likely” because there was that one time we burned Donald Trump in effigy in 2017, which drew quite a crowd and was hard to get a headcount on because, hey, it was kind of a rowdy night.
  • Thanks to ticket sales and raffle money – one lucky winner went home with a bag full of SBA and Black Mass Appeal swag, including our “Constitutional Rites” tract – we raised over $500 for the Survivors Network for those Abused by Priests. A modest sum relative to the realities of budgets, but enough to help someone in the New Year, and to make over 500 individual statements about the reality of the clergy abuse epidemic.
  • After welcoming everybody, occult magician Alexander Thorn warmed up the crowd by putting a nail through his own head and then reading audience member’s minds, which you’d have to imagine is at least a little bit harder after the nail thing.
  • Following that was the world premiere of our original documentary “Satanic Panic: From the Vaults,” starring SF drag icon Peaches Christ alongside Satanic artist Tabitha Slander (as “Baphomette”) facing down the weirdest, stupidest, most surreal anti-Satanist propaganda videos from the Satanic Panic of the 1980s, featuring bad actors from modern-day Skype exorcist Bob Larson to shame of a generation Geraldo Rivera.
  • And finally we closed the night out with our own Black Mass: After one of our Bay Area Satanist volunteers led the audience in the Dark Lord’s Prayer, Tabitha and Daniel recited the Invocation, an adapted poetry/prose work about the Satanic ideals of humanism, compassion, subversiveness, and empowerment. Then they read a litany of charges against scaremonger figures of the ’80s and ’90s before symbolically “drowning” their images in a mixture of blood and alcohol. Finally, to emphasize the dangers of fixating on scapegoats instead of corrupt power structures, Tabitha ritualistically impaled the names of 15 predatory Bay Area priests (as identified by the Diocese of San Jose) on a sword.


It was a hell of a way to bid the old year – and some historical baggage – adieu and get ready for our even bigger and better 2019 plans. We have an extra special thanks to our hosts, PianoFight, our collaborators Peaches Christ, SNAP, and Eliphas Ignis (who doubled as DJ and photographer for the night), and for everyone who supported us.

Hail Satan, and a Happy New Everything.




Simone and Tabitha holding the raffle for a packed house.


Sam lead the “congregation” in “prayer.”


Tabitha and Daniel close out the night with a Black Mass.