The Darkest Time of the Year is upon us, so in true Luciferian tradition we’re bringing a little light to the season with our Satanic Christmas tree at San Jose’s Christmas In the Park.

Christmas In the Park is a decades-old Bay Area tradition inviting non-profits and local businesses to sponsor and decorate lighted Christmas Trees in Cesar Chavez Plaza during the month of December.

This is our fourth year at Christmas In the Park, and while we were not the first Satanists to participate (the onetime San Jose and Santa Cruz chapters of the Satanic Temple previously erected trees of their own), we are proud to continue our #UnholyButWholesome tradition.

Our tree blends traditional holiday imagery with pagan and Satanic themes, featuring handmade ornaments mostly made by our Bay Area Satanists but also sporting donations from Satanists all over the country.

While we have had some trouble in the past with vandalism, for the most part public reception to our little tree has been overwhelmingly positive, and Christmas In the Park staff tell us that visitors often specifically ask where “the Satan tree is” each year.

Not all Satanists celebrate Christmas; some prefer alternative winter holidays closer to Christmas’ pagan roots, or new holidays of their own creation, or just to skip the holiday season altogether.

But we enjoy the Satanic Christmas aesthetic that our display promotes, and we feel that a little extra devilish appeal amidst the more traditional imagery is a valuable year-end reminder that even those who don’t fit the popular image of community are still valid.